The Ultimate Thai Visual Dictionary


The easy way to build your Thai vocabulary.



More than a picture dictionary – this engaging book is a powerful word-learning tool.

Pictures have long been known to aid in the retention of new information – this is particularly true when learning vocabulary in a new language. Using this principle, our visual dictionary contains more than 1,100 colour images to cover a range of useful day-to-day Thai vocabulary.

  • an essential vocabulary-building tool for everyone
  • with the most photos and the most content
  • for beginner & intermediate learners

The visual dictionary is split into 47 useful topics covering all aspects of daily life, from the home to school and the workplace, from the animal kingdom to the human body, and from occupations to sports. We’ve also included useful phrases to extend your vocabulary further.

The Ultimate Thai Visual Dictionary is an essential reference for beginner learners of the Thai language. It is effective, practical, inspiring and easy to use. Each illustration is followed by text in English, phonetic Thai and finally Thai script, making it ideal for self-study or to work with a teacher or Thai friend.

Suitable for both adults and children alike, this book will help to quickly boost your Thai vocabulary.

This colourful visual dictionary includes:

  • 2,000+ Thai words
  • 1,100+ colour photographs
  • 47 different themes – from Eating Out to The Human Body
  • FREE audio available to listen to online or to download
  • an English and Thai index to look up words in either language

Associating newly-learned words with images is the best way to commit them to memory and keep them there. Use the book on its own to add to your existing knowledge, or use it alongside your Thai study book to acquire new vocabulary faster than ever.