Ian doesn’t like the spotlight, which means he doesn’t often post on social media. It’s not that he’s shy – in fact he’s quite the opposite – he’s outgoing and confident. Above all though, he’s private, and that’s why there’s not much to tell you here.

At the moment he lives in Phuket, Thailand, with his wife Bee and their dog, Kimchi. Bee manages their language school in Patong Beach while Ian works on new books and other projects at home.

He’ll keep adding to the ‘Thai Today’ series of books for learning Thai – there’s still a lot more to offer there. A ‘Thai picture dictionary’ has just been completed and Japanese and German language versions of the best-selling ‘Speak Thai Today’ are in the works.

A second adventure for DS Nick Foster and Captain Marky has already taken shape (in Ian’s mind, anyway), and is planned to be completed before spring 2023.