The Ultimate Thai Visual Dictionary

110 pages, 47 topics, 2,000+ words, 1,100+ photos.

Our new Thai picture dictionary of 110 pages contains more than 1,100 colour photos and more than 2,000 words.

It’s an 8 x 10 inch (20 x 25cm) paperback, with inside pages printed on heavy 160 gram matt artcard, so the photos and text are sharp and clear.

As always, there’s complementary (and FREE!) online audio spoken by a native Thai speaker.

More photos and more useful vocabulary than any similar book. We’ve made sure to include only the modern Thai you’ll hear every day. As with all our books, the English is followed by simple phonetics and Thai script for each entry.

Speak Thai Today

A beginner-level book to get you speaking Thai – fast! Using a simple method developed in our language school over the last forty years, you’ll be making sentences on the very first day.

Suitable for self-study using the free online audio and video, or to work with a Thai friend or teacher.

Simple explanations with lots of examples in English, with Thai phonetics and Thai script.

We teach the Thai you’ll hear spoken every day, in the simplest way possible.

Read & Write Thai Today

It’s a shame that such a small number of foreigners take the time to learn the Thai script. Being able to read improves your spoken Thai and understanding immeasurably. You’ll have better pronunciation, better grammar, and build a bigger vocabulary than you can ever do as a reader of Thai ‘karaoke’.

Read & Write Thai Today takes you step-by-step through all the consonants and vowels, gradually building on your skills. This beginner-level book also covers the tone rules, spelling oddities and everything else that make up the language.

There’s free online audio and downloads for writing practice, making this book suitable for self-study or guided study with a friend or teacher.

Give it a go and find out for yourself how much easier it is than you imagined.

Thai Tenses & Talking About Time

A lot of learners become competent speakers of Thai, but continue to struggle to give their sentences a sense of ‘when’. This book fixes that problem.

We’ll show you how to express time concepts in Thai and make yourself fully understood. You’ll soon be able to say when something happened, when it began, when it ended or if it’s ongoing, whether it is planned, and much more.

There’s free online audio, making this book suitable for self-study or guided study with a friend or teacher.

Speak Thai Today – Japanese edition

Our best-selling Speak Thai Today has been translated into Japanese and is now available as a paperback and ebook on

As with the English version there’s complementary online audio spoken by a native Thai speaker.

Write the Thai Alphabet Today

Learn the Thai alphabet through writing practice.

Learn the names of the letters, the meanings in English, initial and final sounds, and their tone classes.

Contains a unique writing guide.

Free online audio for all the letters and numbers.

Extra practice sheets available by free download.