Getting away with murder
(Working title)
Ian Fereday

A woman is found dead in her car in the northeast of Scotland.

Although they were still living in the same house, she and her husband were estranged, and he now has to pick up the pieces of his life for the sake of their two young children.

The husband is surprised when the police uncover more than one relationship the woman was involved in, and watches on as the list of suspects increases.

phuket payback
Ian Fereday

Detective Sergeant Nick Foster is back in Phuket after the drug overdose death of a family member, and he wants answers. Captain Marisa Pondee is happy to help, but may have a hard time keeping Nick on the right side of the law.

Grandfather tells his own tale and reveals a dark family secret he’s carried alone for seven decades.

thai-english bilingual picture dictionary
Ian Fereday & Rattanaporn Pimsuwan

With a lot more content than our ‘Ultimate Thai Visual Dictionary’, and in a smaller format book.

Ideal for learners of both Thai and English.

The books listed above are those we’re working on right now. There are many more in the pipeline, including:

  • First 2,000 Words (a Thai vocabulary builder)
  • Noun & Verb Flashcards (for the most 100 common nouns and verbs in Thai)
  • Thai Vocabulary (word building with examples)
  • A Modern Thai Grammar or Practical Thai Usage (An in-depth description of the Thai language)
  • Thai for Beginners Audio Book
  • Thai Cooking for Beginners (including the most common Thai dishes and a how-to section)
  • Moving to & Living in Thailand (a concise guide to moving to, and living, working or retiring in Thailand)
  • and many more that we’ll probably never find the time to complete …