The Dead of Phuket novel

The Dead of Phuket

A reporter jumps to his death in Bangkok.

The police investigation concludes he took his own life. But what story was he working on?

A foreign resident is shot dead in Phuket.

When a British businessman is murdered, his family press the Home Office to send an observer.

A Phuket police captain takes his own life.

The chief of police is shocked to learn one of his officers has committed suicide. Or is there more to it?

Nick Foster is a fast-tracked detective sergeant at Scotland Yard with the London Metropolitan Police. Sent to Phuket, he is teamed up with female detective Sub-lieutenant Marisa Pondee. Together the pair must navigate crooked cops, bent lawyers, historic sex crime and a trail that leads right to the top of the civil service.

Phuket payback

A new DS Nick Foster novel set in Phuket and featuring Captain Marisa Pondee. Grandfather also appears in a separate timeline.

The death of a relative by drug-overdose brings Nick back to Phuket, so this time it’s personal. He wants payback, not justice. Can Marky keep him on the right side of the tracks?

Events in the present mirror events from the past as grandfather reminisces and tells his own story.

Getting away with murder
(Working title)
Ian Fereday

A woman is found dead in her car in the northeast of Scotland.

Although they were still living in the same house, she and her husband were estranged, and he now has to pick up the pieces of his life for the sake of their two young children.

The husband is surprised when the police uncover more than one relationship the woman was involved in, and watches on as the list of suspects grows.